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We Specialize Creating Exponential Growth for Startups

We get it. Sometimes it feels like it's all on you.

Product. Engineering. Hiring. Operations. Accounting. Finance. Fundraising. Marketing. Branding.

As a leader in an early-stage startup, it feels like you are responsible for so many things that you can’t focus on growing your sales & marketing without another part of the business slowing down.

You need a proven team that has scaled a business from scratch

You need a team you can trust, but proven experts and agencies typically join only after Series B due to high retainers and salary requirements. As a founder, you’re left within the Seed & Series A gap. You need to kick off exponential growth, yet it seems there’s no one there to help.

Average Annual Salary of a VP of Marketing in the Los Angeles, CA, Area

Typical Agency Facebook Ads Cost Structure Example

A Growth Team with Proven Startup Operators

We’ve changed the agency model by combining ex-founders who have scaled their own businesses, a global team of experienced marketers, and the latest AI tools for efficiency.

The result is a unique setup where you have a team that’s scaled startups from zero to millions in revenue and fits within your budget.

A team that you can trust to execute so you can focus on the 1,000 other things on your to do list.

Global Team of Specialists

Artificial Intelligence Tools

Exponential Growth

10x Your Startup's Reach, Drive Your Next Big Innovation, and Create a Global Impact

Welcome to Squall, where we don’t just grow your business, we ignite a storm of success. Our founder, a 3x entrepreneur who has scaled businesses from 0 to over 100m+ in lifetime revenue, knows the droughts and storms of the startup journey.

Frustrated with the traditional agency model, where inexperienced juniors learn the ropes at the expense of your startup’s growth, Chris created Squall to fuel growing startups by applying his proven skills and with a proven global team to do what he loves best, creating exponential revenue growth.

We've Scaled Our Businesses. Let's Scale Yours.

We know how to go from zero to millions because we’re not agency people, we’re founders. We’re here to disrupt the traditional agency model, delivering senior support to startups who need strategic direction but can’t afford the high costs of traditional agencies.

Our Value Drivers

Unorthodox Approach

We leverage the expertise of a 3x founder who knows scaling a new company needs a different approach. This is why Squall wins where other agencies struggle.

AI-Powered Marketing

New technologies and AI tools are released every week.  We utilize the latest technologies and tools to do more faster and cheaper.

Scalable Global Teams

By working with Squall, you’ll be able to lean into the exceptional know-how of a full-service digital agency minus the high costs and inexperienced juniors learning on your account. We have a global team that delivers top-notch services at a fraction of traditional agency costs.

Meet Our Team: Driving Success Through Seniority and Experience

Ondina Ramirez

Ondina Ramirez

Operations Manager
  • Over 12 years of experience as an Operations Manager
  • Holds a master’s degree in Business Administration
Jenyffer Berrios

Jenyffer Berrios

Project Manager
  • 7 years of experience as a Senior Project Manager
  • Specialized in strategic fields of branding and communications
Claudio Rugama

Claudio Rugama

Senior Graphic Designer
  • Over 7 years of experience as a Graphic Designer
  • Led a successful career creating winning projects for diverse industries
David Garcia

David Garcia

Web Developer
  • Over 9 years of experience in website development
  • Proficient in platforms like Unbounce, WordPress, and HTML

Growth Services

Unorthodox Acquisition Channel Strategy & Development

Non-Paid Acquisition Channel Strategy & Development

Paid Acquisition Channel Strategy & Development

Unit Economics Optimization

Creative and Brand Execution

How We Approach Things Differently

If extraordinary growth is your goal, ordinary methods won't suffice.

Read stories from our blog on how we’ve approached things differently than others & have delivered extraordinary results for startups